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So I don't know if you read my blog about you or not...but I just wanted to say thanks. Last week was a little hard with home sickness and on our way to church I was praying and kind of sad about the whole situation of missing home a bit and low and behold Pumi puts in some music and who was it? Justin Adams belting out "Nothing but the Blood" of course the tears were streaming by then as I was thanking God for making me feel close to home with a 2 year old child on my lap singing right along with me. I asked if anyone (all 16) in the van knew who was singing...and nobody did, so of course, God did it for me. Thank you for even from there ushering us into the presence of the Lord.


I know exactly what you mean.


I wish I was there too...umm except that I was here where it was 90 degrees. ....But I'd suffer through the rain to be with you and MB anyday! Love you guys and miss you tons.


Justin and MB: I was in choir with you at Coast Hills, and our blog is out of date, but at least you can see our photo to remember who I am.

Right now, I'm at work, listening on iTunes to one of the choir songs you had burned to CD for our personal rehearsal time. It's a song that "does me in" every time I hear it, and my eyes tear up in gratitude. It just seems appropriate to sing this song with you, in a virtual space:

"Worthy Is the Lamb"

"Thank You for the cross, Lord.
Thank You for the price You paid.
Bearing all my sin and shame,
In love You came,
And gave amazing grace.

"Worthy Is the Lamb,
Seated on the throne!
Crown You now with many crowns,
You reign victorious!"

Jesus sat down in 100% victory, and His victory is 100% available to us each and every day. There is complete forgiveness and restoration when we humble ourselves before Him. What love! What amazing grace!

Miss you big time, Justin. I've been in several choirs since I was 6 (some 44 years ago), and God's anointing in you is so evident. He gave you the gift of loving and inspiring us choir members in ways other choir directors could not do.

MB, I didn't get to know you very well, but I miss you, too. Miss your smile!

Crystal Renaud

that sounds like something i absolutely need right now. what a blessing for you all.

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