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August 2007

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Crystal Renaud

wow, that's awesome. do you know if just anyone can come to watch/listen? that would be cool to get to see.
oh and...
what if you just own a guitar and look super hot while holding it? does that count? haha.


that is RIDICULOUS!!! i want to go, too!


you better be rockin with that G&L!

Old Friend

Hey....WOW...I checked out your myspace and I really liked your music man. The song that knocked me out was Marvelous God. I LOVE that song. So I guess I need to buy your tape and start praying for you all the time. With talent like this, sheez, I think you could be mightily used of God.

I'm telling ya. Your good, really good. You have a gift. You must use it.

Old Friend

Hey, your new stuff is not on itunes. Is it in the bookstores? Where can I buy it? It it out yet?

(no wonder people like you, your music has made me happy the past several days)

Brody Harper

Sounds awesome.

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