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August 2007

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Welcome back. You've been missed! :)

Mark Jaffrey

Fantastic! Sounds like an exciting project - can you bring the initial mixes to Franklin, along with pics of the G&L? I'd love to hear them.


hooray! hooray! hooray!

though i do get to see you almost every day, i still have missed you in the cyberworld.

Jon Griffin

When's the "world tour" and do I get to design it????


Rock! A lot! Grounded is in regular rotation at our house, and I'm excited to hear about a new release. Glad you're back safe, I'll be praying that the rest of the process goes smoothly and most of all that God uses the new album to reach people like only He can. God Bless you bro.


holy moses. i just realized you have a link for jeff buckley. has that been there a long time? wow...i feel so fulfilled right now. and i feel a little obligated to give john mayer and rascal flatts yet another chance.


You know that I have been crazy excited about that new cd. Heck yeah, I have. So we leave in hopefully it will be done by then so you won't have to send it to me overseas. If not, you will just have to bring it to me.

Jeff Stephens


Seriously, if there is ANY way that you could hook me up with Nate Mendel's autograph, I would be totally floored! He is the reason Just thought I would ask...I started playing bass in the first place, and been a huge inspiration to me musically.

You know...if you could. It's a shot anyway. Ha.

anne jackson

miss you :-)


Time to start posting again!

Crystal Renaud

sweet lyrics, friend. i would like preorder my copy please. :)

i love you. miss you.



Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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