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It's fun to "hear" the excitement in your voice over this guitar. It's most excellent! I'm trying to decide what would bring that kind of giddiness to my life. I've decided it would be the opportunity to design my dream, no-limits kitchen. Pie for everyone!

No, none of us deserve the blessings, but I'm sure glad this one is coming your way.

Steve Kennedy

You lost me after "Let's start with the body style;"...but I'm happy for you. Like Debra said, it's fun to "hear" the excitement in your post.


God is giving you this guitar to better teach me how to play guitar with. okay? and also to play "What a Good God" with. okay?


Crystal Renaud

while reading that all i heard was the voice the teacher makes in charlie brown. but i am happy for you... because i am sure all of that stuff is real good.

Mark Jaffrey

Hey Justin,

Fantastic! It sounds AMAZING. I've never seen black pearl inlays before. We want pictures, and lots of them ok? Construction and the finished product from every conceivable angle.

And then we want recordings. We need to hear the TONE!

Ted Nugent

have you ever had your guitar burst into fire when you play.can you play cat scratch fever amd can you play with your teeth like jimmie hindrix, I bet you can also play purple haze..............

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