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August 2007

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Fourteen of my favorite "voices of Justin Adams" AND snow? Absolutely amazing!

I love that it's not unchristian to enjoy a round of "Winter Wonderland." I love that this happened in church. I love that it was celebrated there!

Crystal Renaud

"are you ready for a miracle?!?"

"ready as i can be"

Warren Fry

Again, WOW!


i finally found one:

"i'm loisa wright. i'm friends with justin adams. la dee da."


that was awesome bro, it did sound like fun. it reminds of a time that just seems better.

Crystal Renaud

where did you get all the pimp clothes?

justine starr

wow dude you are a stud do you have to beat the groupies off with a stick.sir are you able to even go out in public without the girls trying to bother you and get your autograph..

candy apples

yes are you planning a world tour and do you have fond memories of playing kemper arena as they are going to be opening the new sprint center? keep rocking

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