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August 2007

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I LOVE IT!!! Not only does she sound great and look beautiful, but she handles herself with incredible poise. Hug her 23 times for me!

In other news, we're in the midst of SNOW DAYS!!! Shouldn't I be at your house, sitting in front of the fire, playing cards?

The One Who Wears the Tie

You are Breath-taking! We are all very proud of you! Thank you for such a blessing!

Your Oklahoma Family

ps....Hey Bud, I truly believe that the Lord has blessed us through our children.


that was definitely the highlight of my weekend. close second: finally getting to sing with your wife. i pretty much really love you people.

the niece from oklahoma (kayla)


Wow!! You were so amazing! I loved it! You have so much talent! well you keep on singing your heart out for us!
I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Call me sometime!


Crystal Renaud


Kelsie-bug I cant even put that into words. beautiful...beautiful...BEAUTIFUL...I agree with Debra she looks like she has done that a NILLION times. wow she is soo good!! AWWW tell her i said AMAZING!! job Mae Mae!!



this is so sweet to my ears!!
and even moreso, it is SO sweet to the ears of the Lord!! Meagan, you are absolutely beautiful and the love of Jesus shines so brightly from inside your heart!! You sound great dollbaby! I miss you and love you very, very much!



awesome, dad. i can only imagine how proud you are of your little girl. I got two myself, and I'm already amazed at how talented my 3 year old is.

anne jackson

that is awesome. i can't believe how much she has grown up since we were there last year. you go girl!



Aunt Lynn

Meagan.... oh so wonderful, and so sweet. I was so glad that we got to hear you!!!!I wish I was there to kiss your face off!!!!

On another note, Justin..... could we not have heard the rest of the song.....MB and Loisa (sp?) you cut it too short!!:) Love you all..kisses... muah L.


Oh my............ I really have no sufficient words. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. How proud mom and dad must be!!
Makes me miss you guys soooo much!



Rich Hurst

Hey Justin I was hoping to get to hear it so thanks I found myself wanting to hear you wife pick up from there. How wonderful. You are bless and so is she. Blessings my friend. Rich

Andrea Marchant

Justin, your daughter is lovely. Her voice warms my heart. :)

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