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August 2007

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Hey congrats, I would like to sponsor you in the smoked ribs department. Seriously, congrats on this. We love having you at CH.

Warren Fry



DUDE!!!! You have been officially pimped.


Even Borat approves, not bad...

Nolan Geise

CONGRATS!! Looking forward to seeing that new guitar when I see you in Maryland.


Yay! I am super happy for you! I was wondering though...could I maybe get a pick? Okay then. Bye.

Crystal Renaud

i want a pick too!!


AMAZING!! I am so happy for you!!! Are the shades to cover the tears of joy? :)

Steve Kennedy

That's cool. You da man! And hey, since you're a bigwig with NOTW, can you suggest that if they'd make some of their button down shirts in styles other than "slim fit", that maybe us full figured dudes would buy some and try to look cool like you young, thin, rockstars? Oh, wait...maybe that's it! It's a plan to keep us old guys from trying to look cool...oh well, old guys rule.


my name's justin adams. i get free stuff for being awesome. i wear sunglasses inside because i'm so cool and my eyes are like fire. la dee da.

"mmhmm, yeah. fire."


Now you can smash them onstage like you've always wanted to....and it's their dime.

Ok, sarcasm off....Congrats! Now, if only I could get sponsored by Vari-lite and High-End, I'd be set!

billy sniffer

do the westsideboys use that same guitars.THANKS


1st Reaction: A little swear word slipped out of my mouth...a happiness swear word, but still less than holy.

2nd Reaction: A little prayer of confession slipped out of my get right with God after the swear word incident.

3rd Reaction: Completely thrilled for you!

Dacia Eastin

That is so cool! I love how God shows us his love!! Truly awesome!

Mark Jaffrey

Hey Justin,

Where on earth are you going to hang these new guitars - does this mean another office makeover? Oh yeah, and what are going for? We need specs! Model, config, finish. Enquiring minds from Cairo need to know...

Just jealous :-)


You DO look kinda like a kid at Christmas. Very sweet deal for all.

Anne Jackson

congrats mr. adams :)

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