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August 2007

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I will let you know that your is the only blog life I REGULARLY lust after. Live it up bro.

Jason Stephens

I really do try not to covet but Dude your life makes it hard. Rock on!!!

Crystal Renaud

i agree with los. your life doesn't even seem real.


since i know Justin can't say this himself, let me assure all his fellow blog-readers of this: these blessings come after years of struggle, working more jobs at once than i've had in my life, sleeping very little, and going beyond his means to do what needed to be done to provide for his family no matter how exhausted and overwhelmed he was. and i also know that he doesn't take any single one of these blessings lightly or without much humility.

if you know him, you already know that, but i just thought i'd clarify just in case.

howard dean

did you cry when aerosmith played dream on that is a very emotional song I bet you could hardly contain yourself....... reach for the stars my rocking brother


What will we be doing when we're 60?


Yea yea yea. Justin is just lucky.
Just kidding. Holla at a brotha Jdawg


So fun! Yay.

The One Who Wears the Tie

Why couldn't that have happened next week while I would have been there too! That would have been almost as exciting as getting to see MB & the kids. Almost. See you in a couple of days brother.


OK......, truly jealous! Steven Tyler has always been MY #1 as a performer, and just downright sexy no matter HOW old he is!:) He has Jesus hanging from his neck, just jewelry ? or has he crossed over to the good side??:):)
Please give MB a big hug for me!
(you too:)

Crystal Renaud

lola.. most of us have known justin for years and just like giving him a hard time.

Nolan Geise

Wow, that's AWESOME! Along with everyone else, I'm jealous.

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