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When I say, "GO"
You say, "JEFF"
"GO!" ________
"GO!" ________

Is that encouraging enough? Or should I ask Jeff to come videotape and post it? Wait a minute....

the others

This message is for those of you who are dangerously short on patients. The person you know as Jeff is currently residing on our side of the island, and can not hear you pathetique cries for help.
I strongly suggest that you save your streangth.
Right now he needs you to be strong for him. Trust me when I tell you that he is safe for now. However, his well-being lies completely in your hands.
Please choose your next move wisely.


Crystal Renaud

are you still loving it? it probably feels completely natural by now.


(now i understand why you were saying it.)

Warren Fry

You need to give Jeff a break! It must be very challenging to edit out all the crying and screaming.

The One Who Wears the Tie


Hey Bud, hearing that makes me think Mom is hiding our Christmas presents again? "And here comes Sir Rockalot to open up everyone's present! Again!"

The Man Wit Da Skillz is I. He who possesses (how many s's are in that word?) the fabled tattoo footage. Now, I did GIVE Justin the raw footage over two weeks ago, and he said he might put something together, but alas...nay!

It just so happens that I was just working on this video yesterday and it's coming along nicely and I plan on having it done for the LOST party on Wednesday night, so just take your anti-depressants and be patient. It will be worth the wait!

I must say that it will probably only be about two minutes long. I have discovered in the editing process that WATCHING someone get a tattoo is only 1/64th as exciting as actually GETTING one of your very own. So, I've condensed it down to the good parts cause that's what editors do. Trim the it were. I'm particularly excited for you all to see Lola's special guest Rocks! A lot!

Sorry for the delay, but my many and various skills have been otherwise occupied by people who pay my bills (ie. actual customers) as opposed to Justin who merely makes me smile and whom I love as a friend and a brother...even though the day is drawing neigh where the guitar players of the world will be supplanted by keyboard and piano players. I dread the state of our relationship on that day...the day when the UCOKPP* reclaims it's rightful throne from those who have unjustly stolen it from them...but I digress...

And now I must sleep...much editing to do tomorrow! :)

*United Coalition of Keyboard and Piano Players.


Hi Mary Beth.


IRREGARDLESS, jeff, get it into gear.


you all be nice to my friend Jeffy - he has a very busy life and even though Justin is OUR favorite friend, Jeffy has lotsa other people on his plate makin'
begs and pleases too. We must all be FAIR!!!!! :)

the one who is perfect!??!

...two words come to mind:



hmmmm, yeah.

Sir Rockalot

It's spelled "patience".....not so perfect one.

the one who was once perfect...

I humbly accept thy correction, oh wise one...

maybe if you got spell check, I wouldn't have these kind of problems!!!


Hi Mary Beth.

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