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August 2007

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Gary Lynn Corker

O doulos doeu? Deve ter!


Phenomenal pennywhistle. WOW!! The rest of the band sounds pretty stinkin' fabulous, too.

Totally groovy shirt...sometimes it makes the camera go all crazy. I love it!!

Your eyes are almost turquoise in that photo.

Love the tattoo.

Just a few Debra thoughts for your afternoon. Well, I guess there not officially Debra thoughts unless there's a detailed description of each thought. I guess they're more like Deb thoughts. (Except for this last one, of course, which has reached Debra thought status.)


Can you fix the typo for me? (The "there" to "they're".) You know how I hate grammatical errors in my own writing. :)


oh my goodness have officially gone CrAzY! haa. I am prety sure i sitll love you though;} <33Kels


jeff: now you're really bleeding!

loisa: shut up, jeff. justin, do you want to punch him? i want to punch him.

tattoo guy rob: i don't want to punch him...poo splatters.

laughter ensues from all...even justin whose flesh and muscle is being torn by multiple needles.


Rock on with your awesome tattoo! That is great, I think that is the best tattoo meaning I have heard. Very cool!!


Hi MB. I am just going to keep saying that.


Great Tattoo man!

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