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Debbie Pelichowski

Justin, you are too cool!!! Ouch, I'd never do it (the tatoo) but it's totally "rocking" :)

Great talking with you, big things are going to happen, and I'm excited!!!

I really need to get into "Lost" so I can come to the party!!!

RogersReel Productions

Glad you liked it amigo! I had fun putting it together fo ya! Always nice to have another satisfied customer... :) See ya tonight!

Dacia Eastin

Justin, you ROCK!! That is so awesome. I know I would have cried like a did great!


I was expecting a 30-second clip of grimacing, not something that could be nominated for an academy award in the "motion picture short" category. Well done, Jeff! It was worth the wait.

(I was slightly creeped out by the "I'm surprised you haven't fainted yet; you've lost a lot of blood" line. Am I the only one?)

Crystal Renaud

watching that brought back the pain of my own... yikes.


Dude. No lie. Rob Silva was sitting in my office today. He goes to Sandals. I didn't know he was doing your tattoo!!! Crazy. Small world.

The wife

You're so brave...

The wife

Hi Kristiapplesauce

Anne Jackson

Ok, a few things:

I never noticed the similarities of you and Eric McCormack.

You swelled up something awful (at least it looked like it!) Did you bruise too?

It looks awesome! :)

I am thinking of getting tattoo #3 really soon!


Hey, I got a shoutout. How fun. Anywho...that was fun watching your tattoo video. Yeah...Daniel says I can't get anymore, Dang.

Gary Lynn Corker

The video was certainly "interesting." Certainly the best idea I have seen for a tatoo. I still don't think I'll get one. Just a little radical for a square like me.


Oh boy, now I want another one! Time for another one of those talks with the wife. And the answer is....."whatver you want honey". I think we all know what that means.

Jeff, awesome job! This is great!


WOW... Rogers Reel Really kept me Reeling from all those Realistically shot Reactions of the one known as Rockalot.

- R (for Radical)

... tune in next week on "Coast Hills Ink", Ken Baugh gets a tribal on his lower back. (cut to commercial)

ryan chavez and Pchow

Man you look like a girl.....Brian is getting one too and it is going to hurt and we are going to make a video that will rock your us.


justin, i can't believe you got a tatoo. I'm getting one when i turn 20!


oh my gosh. I had chills the WHOLE TIME!! you are crazy!! haha <3 you


Anne - that's not swelling, that's muscle.

Ryan C - let's not minimize the trauma of the bloody, grimacing event by using chauvanistic and archaic methods of insult.

Justin - my stomach gets in knots every time i watch the video.


this is not for viewing while having lunch...otherwise pretty cool, dude!


... last time I checked, tattooing is still just micro-pigment implantation in the lower epitheliums (God bless Wikipedia...yeah, like I could come up with this crap-not unless Grissom or Doc Robbins mentions it during an autopsy).
Some people are acting as though SirRockalot might have magically grown an additional limb out of his forehead.
Now... if the honorable lord of Rock accounces his intentions of adding a Nasal Septum Piercing
to his visage, then my friends, we'll have something to talk about.

ah, there's nothing like a slow blog day. This is one of the many cursess in the blessing known as blogdom.

-- namaste

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