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You may need to include a pronunciation guide for your readers on the coasts. Everyone should know the joy of saying "Tahlequah" over and over again. Of course, you must be careful how you wield your power....we're apt to have a "Tahlequah Coweta Smith" or two show up to school in a few years.

The One Who Wears the Tie

Debra, you're correct about pronunciation. This is for all:
Tahlequah (Tal-E-kwa): Town founded by the Cherokee Indians in 1839 and once the Capitol of the Cherokee Nation. Also was the site of the Old Cherokee Supreme Court. Currently, the home of the Cherokee Cultural Center.

And, there are several I know with the name Tahlequah. Very pretty name for a lady.


Put on lola's "Rock and Roll" shoes and I think you can win!


ummh... am I the only one here that feels like I just got transported into a sequel of some nameless-midwestern-took-a-wrong-turn-back-off-the-highway-slasher flicks???

I swear I just heard someone say: "Boy, you gotta perty mouth."

Good thing all we have out here is earthquakes, silicone, a little traffic, smog, and your occasional car-jacking!!!



in case you weren't sure, my mother loves you. (and thinks this is really funny.)

Jeff Rogers

I have to say, not being a native Oklahomean (is that a word?) I don't get a lot of the details of this show, but I do understand the broad strokes and it made me laugh! :) I'd like to see that show...

Well, I'm off to Israel for 13 days, but thanks to the magic of iWeb, you can follow my progress here...

Now if I can just find an internet cafe' so I can post stuff we'll be in good shape!



Jeff Rogers

I just realized I'm using Justin's blog to pimp my that uncool? I'm guessing it my apologies...but totally check it out at:



The wife sent me a picture this show's host. WOWZA!! Perhaps other faithful viewers would like a peek. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

Happy Post-Halloween!

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