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You're almost like a blushing bride....

something old (the Kramer, the lava lamp, a couple guitars, and a few other things you had back in a lifetime 1700 miles away)...

something new (fabulous furniture and computer)....

something borrowed (a giant rooster)...

and something blue (the LCD screen)...

and yes, you probably ARE strong enough to carry it all down the aisle at once.


Well not LCD screen, but at least I have better coffee in my office ;-)

Crystal Renaud

umm.... that's not an office. that is a hotel room or lobby... or something. VERY NICE. i am not jealous at all... ok well yes i am.


I think I miss you. Hi MB.

Anne Jackson

that's hott.


I have an idea rooster boy. A tattoo video!!!


seriously awesome!

Gary Lynn Corker

Way cool the office, but maybe if your wifey had called the "While You were Out" crew I would have been ready faster.

MTV Cribs

Hi Sir Rockalot,
My name is Henry Gale, and I'm a producer for the hit MTV series "Cribs". We are doing a special on church cribs, and we'd love to include your digs.
Some of the other holy cribs we're doing for this special are: Robert Shuller, Rich Kirkpatrick, Benny Hinn, Michael W. Smith, and some up-and-comer called Rick Mootshaw or Muttchoo.
Please contact me asap, so we can make all the arrangements.
Thank you


That is beautiful! I am seriously jealous now. WOuld that qualify as causing a weaker brother to stumble?

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