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Why, oh why, go on a men's retreat and hope for no snoring and farting? You're setting yourself up for disappointment Rockstar :D


i wish i could go on a men's retreat. all you get to do on a women's retreat is eat salads, drink tea, and giggle a lot...maybe give each other make-overs. it's a little like my own personal hell (heck). i say that so that perhaps you will appreciate the farting and snoring a little more.

that said, i miss you and hope you had fun (since you won't read this until you get back).


Loisa, I went on a men's retreat once (I was the only keyboard player available for the band). I went for walks, took naps, and read books while the men retreated, but when it came to activities, we played golf by day and cards by night. It totally rocked!!


debra. i like you.


Right back atcha.

Thanks, Justin, for providing Loisa and I an opportunity for a bonding moment. Do you think we can call that our women's retreat for the year?

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