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August 2007

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I want to come to the party. If only wishing could make it so. :)


Dude, Hurley has a myspace and is my friend. No joke! Ha ha now who is the cool one? Me that's who. I'm not ashamed of a little name drop or two. I also asked you to be my friend once, but you never responded...what's that all about? Dang.


BTW, I think using the word "suare'" on your blog was an extra nice touch.


(i cried for him.)




... the Dharma Corporation is waiting. 108 minutes, to be exact.

Do the right thing.

Help save the world.


Crystal Renaud

saw it before you did... freaky... is all i can say about it... and it made me thirsty.

hey you're real great at writing back and leaving comments... tell debra i said hi, pretty please?


Crystal Renaud

oh i don't think she's there. i am such a sucker.

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