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WOW... I just clicked on the LDI link and promptly messed my self.
After I returned with a fresh pair of drawers, I clicked on the KA' link... great, off to clean my self up again.
Gee thanx buddy, it would be great if you put a disclaimer up or something, you know maybe:
"CAUTION the following links may cause uncontrolable loss of bodily functions and temporary states of dementia!"
I only bring two backups to work. I guess that will be changing.

- Napoleon Dynamite


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Crystal Renaud

i saw dilerium when it came to kemper... unbelieveable.


That kind of reminds me of our last staff development activity...80 of us gathered in a hot school cafeteria and watched a videotaped message from our superintendent on a 27" TV. Yep, it's pretty much the same thing.


You should do something like that this Sunday at your church. Fo-sho.


i know that you start to question my loyalty when i don't comment on your blog, but the truth is, sometimes i just can't compete with debra. she's so dagum funny.

i'm awaiting further details and demonstrations regarding the cirque.


do you think there is a hope of a westsideboys reunion tour thanks


Talked with Jared earlier this evening and he told me you were in Vegas. Harvest sent me to LDI AND KA - WHOA. What did you think of the High End DL2's?


when will we ever see the westsideboys rocking the house again.they have a great fan base that really needs them in there life.THANKS


Glad you had fun at the convention....too bad I had to take all of your lights for Christmas (and I'll have the DL2's also for The Journey)


Oh yeah...the show is every OTHER year in Vegas. Next year (and every other year after that), it will be in that's a FAMILY trip for sure!

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