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August 2007

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Even across the internet, you can tell you had an incredibly cool vibe happening there. I love the way you and your crew help create a feeling of intimacy with the Father.


By the way, my school district has decided to add all blog sites to the restricted site zone. Reading your blog on my lunch break is no longer an option. In no way do I wish to discourage blogging multiple times a day, but I want our expectations to be be clear from the get-go....I'm now forced to be an evening/early morning/weekend commenter only. Loisa, this opens up all kinds of possibilities for you to be the first and funniest commenter (though I must say most of my friends replace your word, "funny" with another: "twisted"). Make me proud!!!

Warren Fry

Great job Justin!



I especially like the intro... it's blacker than black. How did you achieve such blackness? What was your inspiration?

P.S. Debra - We will all mourn the loss of your commenting frequency. You and your legendary whittiness is always a highlight in my otherwise dirge-like day. Many thanx to you, hope to see/jam-out-with you out here soon again.


how about you sing "What a Good God" soon and record it so i don't have to be sad anymore. if you make me wait until you sing it at my wedding...well...


I have a bootlegg copy of you with the westsideboys would you like to see it my brother.THANKS


I don't know if Justin wants to see it, but I sure do!!!

kin  folks

I vote for "What a Good God" too,Lola...It's the one I've requested for Justin to sing at my funeral and it would be great to hear it before then:)

So how 'bout it,Justin?

Great video..Thanks for sharing it with us...Miss you and love to my favorite CA kin...YFMiL

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