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August 2007

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It just sounds so pretty! Fashionista...said with love. :-)


Um, okay.


I like the phrase "gently sarcastic." With gentle sarcasm may I ask if there is a picture of you next to the word "fashionista" in the Oxford English Dictionary?


By far the highlight of the services this weekend. Sounding the word out was classic..."fashionists, fashionisteses, fashionistas...well, you know who you are."



I have to say again that with your hair, going into the "sibilant" thing was way too convincing.

Rock on...

Anne Jackson

i am sooo surprised you didn't know what that meant for some reason.... :)


I just read Michael's comment....I think a little video footage is definitely in order. :)


My mom's a Pimp????

The At Home Fashionista

HELLO, that is the name of my denim business!! The at home fashionista, now you can think of me and all of my fabulous denim when you think of that word.....BTW when are we going to get together?? We have things to plan!!

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