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You're killing me man...

First the Foo's ...

then "Lost" ...

and now Supernova???

C'mon man! What's next...

A blog from Quincy Jones's living room? Maybe you would like to share some fun anecdotes from your times at Skywalker Ranch.

You're making it awefully hard to practice jealeous-free love brother... AWEFULLY HARD!

Have a blast you guys. Oh, and if I don't see Bob taking a swan-dive off of the stage, tell him not even to bother showing his face around here.



Yes, I want to know. No, don't tell me. Yes, I want to know. No, don't tell me. Yes, I want to know. I can't make a decision. Imagine that.


the only way that show would be better is if tommy lee wasn't on it...or dave navarro...or any of the other guys from supernova. instead, you would be on it. and me. and maybe margie. no, wait. not margie. just you and me. that would be a good show.

Crystal Renaud

how about you brag a little more?


Do tell... seriously...and send on some Lost info too!! :)


Lukas? Really? I guess Supernova knows what they're doing, but man. Delania has pipes hotter than a Harley's. Anyway, hope you're having a blast in HI.


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