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Ahhhhhhhh....that's my "wow, another breathtaking view" sigh, not to be confused with my "Ewwwwwwwwww...another breathtaking baby" gasp (Seinfeld fans unite!).

Gary Lynn Corker

Ahhhhhhhhhhh lowwwwwwwwwwwww ha!


please tell sawyer that i think he is fantastic and should chop wood more often.

Nolan Geise

Hey Justin! Isn't Hawaii GREAT! Sarah and I lived there for 3 years and didn't want to move to Maryland but God had other plans. Hawaii is a place I would love to have God call me too. I'm willing to suffer for Jesus in Hawaii! Hit me up with the info on where you're going to be. I'd like to email some of my friends that still live there so they can go see you.


Wishing myself there in a metaphysical sort of way....ummmmmm..........


Did you see any of the LOST people? Ahhh yeah, you just boosted your "cool". So you gotta get me something from LOST, because we are obsessed, you know, like you are with 24. And you know you kind of owe me because you never sent me a pick, even though I don't play the guitar.


Ok son,

Having tooooo much fun....get to work!





"For these reasons, I haaaate you...." (sang to the tune of Linc's song)


oooh! margie said she hates you! that's GOT to bump me up on the list a little bit!

(also, i'm assuming you're not home right now...)

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