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Carol Evans

You are such a BAD BOY. Sneaking pictures, spoiling episodes that are not even out yet, telling us how wonderful Hawaii is and we can't even go. Man!!!!!! You Dog!!!!


JUSTIN!!! hey, i've met a few people from cali down here at baylor, and i think of you and your family everytime. i miss y'all. haha i typed y'all. love you guys.


sometimes i struggle with jealousy.


I am happy for you brother.
Yes you heard me: HAPPY!
I have ascended to a higher plain of jealousy-free-warm-gooey-creaminess, where love reigns supreme.

No, wait... that was Krispy Kream I just had.

Yep... still hatecha. Loveya... but I still hatecha!

we are called to a life of suffering, and you are facilitating that beautifully for me brother. Thank you

-- notlostinHim --


Lost isn't one of my shows, so in reading this entry I feel....well....lost. I do have a great appreciation for the secret photo. In your other life (the third one...not the one where you are a worship leader/musician/husband/father and not the one where you are a super hero) are you a spy?


WHAT?!?!?!?!? you went to HAWAII!!! you forgot to take me :( hahahahh just kidding!! AWWW I bet that was a blast!! LOve you and miss you!!!


ditto lola. Ms. Debra, we really need to get you caught up on "Lost". Since it's set in Hawaii, I'll bring the pinapple juice.


Justin, Okay, wasn't it me that convinced you to cheat on 24 with LOST? Okay then. Seriously.


I am DYING to know what Rumors your LOST pal told you. Can you let me in on the secrets? Thanks in advance!

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