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Yes, I have input. (You knew I would.)

1) I feel about tattoos the way I feel about male facial hair: the right amount in the right place is always a good thing.

2) I love the meaning, design, and placement of yours.

3) As a fellow 30-something who also wanted a tattoo for a long time (years), I can tell you that after finally getting mine, I felt a new kind of peace in that semi-rebellious portion of my personality. That may sound strange, but it's how I feel. I have never regretted the decision.

4) If you want someone to lend moral support, I'd love to come along. MB and I can peruse the magazines, looking for the ideal one for her while we wait for you.

5) Unrelated to the tattoo discussion, I like the new picture. I wish it was bigger.


P.S. My apologies for blogging on your blog.


oh my gosh. you have gone crazy. haa...uhm It would be weird. but cool:] hheee.heee.


mmmhmm. you know how i feel about this.

(and i'm ready to get mine, too, so i think it would be fantastic for us to get them together.)

anne jackson

did you know i got ANOTHER tattoo back in may? it is on the front of my leg (just above my foot barely) and it is hebrew for "perfect love" - i dont think i have a pic of it accessible...but it's pretty sweet!!!!!! so you know i say go for it.


Dude. Call me when you go. I'll get one with you.


Sweet. So there I was in yet another discussion about tattoos and "if" they were biblical or not. What? I think I need to move. So that happened last week, like twice. I am not even kidding. One lady actually asked me if I regretted getting mine because of what it said in Lev... I think I need a shot in the head.


Very cool! I got my second tat after really thinking about it for a year or so on my left shoulder in January and so glad that I did.

The first one on the other hand, not very well thought out dumb college thing. But, fun story behind it!

Now that I think of it, I did alot of those back then...


Well I think its a complete, total, and utter sin and you should be asking God for forgivness for even having such an evil thought. ha!

Might I make a suggestion before you go?'s the deal....if you by some chance decide to put musical nots anywhere on your body please make sure that the tattoo artist knows which way the musical notes go. It wasnt until recently, about 2 weeks ago, a musician friend of mine so graciously pointed out that my notes were backwards! I was so embaressed! Yeah soo...
I am excited about your tat though...looks great and the meaning is amazing!

Gary Corker

I think I'll just have it "tatooed" on my heart.

Your fellow servant,


Dangit! Once again, I wish I would have thought of that! I have considered myself a bondslave ever since I heard that term and read of what it is in the bible. (5years) I confuse most people when I say that of course.:) I think that is by FAR my favorite tatoo idea yet! I even called Lingenfelter and said FINALLY a cool tatoo. I want one!
I know, im a girl.
Love you!


What did I say about being a girl??? That was dumb. I think I am going to rethink that tatoo deal now. Thanks! Ill let Tucker know it was your fault!:)hee

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