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Don't you need a roadie?


Wow. How wonderful. Are you taking your family? Safe travels my friend.


Seriously, what time do I need to be at the airport?


Seriously where is my pick?


YOU ARE A TRUE WARRIOR. It is clear to me now that your Knighthood is not a mere honorary title.

Let's look at the facts: First you take an entire months vacation after having endured a grueling three month schedule at CHCC. And now they're sending you off to the big island? You are a true living legend.

I would, however, like to share one word of brotherly love, if I may. Though those young ladies you have depicted above look seemingly innocent, do not be fooled. Just yesterday I was reading about wild gangs of locals running amock, leighing people left and right. Don't do it man! You have to much to loose. Think of your followers... think of your family man! I have faith in your streangth my brother. Just know that I've got your back (from... 2,000 miles away that is).

i'm just foolin' witcha.....



lowendaction is awkward.

the wife

lowendaction, love you brother, but the comment you made is not cool....Justin has been a pastor for ten years now and husband for fifteen....I know you're just havin' fun and I know you have a good heart, but I have to speak up for a great man who has been faithful to me all these years.....


AMEN to that! That's not cool.

Justin, I got your back and you got my prayers.


the wife is amazing.


Hi Mary Beth.

kin folks

Dad and I agree with your comment, Mary Beth.Love to you and Justin,,, Hope he has a wonderful trip. Kiss the kids for us. Love, Mom



OBVIOUSLY I CROSSED THE LINE, AND I CAN NOT APOLOGIZE ENOUGH. I had absolutley no intentions of disrespecting the Adam's Family sanctity. Please know that you guys are true rolemodels to all of us, and I would NEVER dare to call that into question!

I'm an imature guy, who's head is stuck in the gutter (I'm actually working on that affliction)! Please accept my most humble and sincere apology.

There will be a public flogging next weekend at Coast Hills. You are all invited to witness my shame.

Seriously though, I AM deeply ashamed for having offended you guys, and will therefore, out of respect, refrain from posting from here on out.

I love you all!!!

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