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That's way deep brother... is that a Sir Rockalot orginal, or do your non-religious practices allow plagerism? ...just foolin'

For real though, that's heavy. If only we could convey that simple message to the world (perhaps with a little less help from our brothers and sisters over at TBN and friends).

We're all way stoked to have you and Ken back HOME with us this weekend... don't be fooled by those noisy conniving little critters, they could never love you like we do.

I'm just curious, where do go to get your nails done in Kansas? I would love to here that conversation: "You wanna waat? Boy, this ain't Saan Fraaan Siskow. We ain't got no Metro-whatchamacallit's 'round here. That's kinda suspect if ya ask me."

--editors note to my brothers and sisters keepin it real in the Sunflower state: I spent a number of my younger years in the buckle of the bible-belt, and have very fond memories of those times. I jest only because I know the hidden secrets of endless sunflower fields and the hypnotisingly beautiful tumbeling tumbleweed. It's all in good fun!


Crystal Renaud

you didn't make that up... haha...



Roxanne tshirt said that. :) My FAVORITE tshirt I might add. LOVE IT! I actually made a blog!!! Woo hoo!


yeah...with the DEVIL!!!


So Mr. Low End Action Too Good For Kansas...Where exactly in the armpit of America were you in those younger days? I ask because I knew someone with your name in my local. Sprechen Sie Duetsch?
I know you was funnin, no offense taken.


i thought you stole that from roxanne's shirt! haha

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