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thank you for letting me be a part of that...


Seriously.....will there ever be a time when Coast Hills does an internet broadcast? It would be most helpful to those of us who have to miss a weekend (or 24) here and there.


You said crank it up, but I think it is better left on low...because of it's sweetness.


wow.... how great is it to see brother Gordon up there? I haven't seen him in forever....
oh yeah... and you were good too.

Seriously though, loved the vibe... very tasty (not unlike Starbucks, but I guess you wouldn't know anything about that... would you?!?)



Hey!!! how are you?!?!?! well I miss you A LOT!!! soo I have decided that you are coming back:) heheh!!! well i hope you are doing better. I heard you weren't feeling too good:( well I love you and will see you later alligator....*seriously* hehehe!!!


Where is my freakin pick?


Nevermind the pick, Kristi.....where is the video from this week's service?

Christina Hurt

Wow, thanks for that clip.

Nolan Geise

Loved that Clip Justin, it was awesome. Thanks!

Margie competition....nicely done there sista!!!!! :)

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