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August 2007

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I cannot even begin to express how much you will be missed. Thanks for including me in so many of the vacation festivities. You rock (a lot)!!

Crystal Renaud

wish i could have hung out with you.

Josh Peters

"And I swear" you might just want to check out my sweet blog.


Who was minding the store while both the pastor and the music arts pastor were gone for a month?

Just asking a question.


By the way, where DID you find a picture of that old movie poster I posed for so many years ago?


Hey everyone, disregard my previous comments. My cousin gave me a scolding about that comment, telling me that the burnout rate for pastors is very high, their families suffer because they are always working, etc., etc. They need even more than 30 days, etc.

So, forget that last post. :-)


someone needs to get their booty back home..hhe. I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you have only been gone for uhm ya. like a day... uhg. well I love you and had a blast while you were hear!!! loovvvvveeeee you!! <333

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