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But I LOVE the sound of the grinding beans. I don't think I want to give that up. Somehow it holds a special sense of satisfaction for me. I know....get a life.



Gary Corker

I have been royaly deceived or at least somewhat mislead. I was under the impression that you were this herbal tea drinking, more or less health nut kind of person! You were always carrying your "special tea" with you at LOUVALE. Did you like the coffee here in Brazil?


It's great to see you pursuing new talents and directions. I think Infomercials would be a bold move for you, but whatever you choose, we've got your back brother... that is... after you recant your blasphemy... As you know, Starbucks is one of Coasthills' biggest corporate sponsers. Do you really want that kind of heat on you? Just say you're sorry, and we'll all pretend like nothing ever happened. Don't be foolish brother, these guys have some heavy connections.

respect the bean!


you should have said, "C'MON" instead of "WOOHOO" at the end of that blog. just an observation.


I've wondered how they worked. Thanks for buying one and trying it out so I could find that out. I pretty picky about taste too. I need it to be just right!

Sir Rockalot

Mr. Lowendaction - Once again, I only respect your right to be wrong.

Steve K.

See what going to the other side of the freeway has done to you? We tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen. Next thing you'll be trying on tassled loafers and liking them.


hmmm...I should check this out!




What about the leftover coffee that cools down to make a lovely serving or two of iced coffee the next day? I'm concerned.

Bryan Patrick

Does Senseo have a "halle berry" setting for its coffees?


yeah.......what Kristi said!

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