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Sooo.... I don't get it.
The trees make a buzzing noise??? wow... that... uh sounds great Justin. You're not drinking the local water are you?

(you have just witnessed the heartless slaughter of a young boys fondest memories. just another fine example of Christs' love in action!)

see what happens when you leave us unsupervised for an extended period of time... It's "Lord of the Fly's" over here man...

The end is near!!! Save yourselves. Hide your women, children and Metrosexuals... run for the spa's.

Warren Fry

I went outside a couple of nights ago, and had to go back in because it was so loud I thought we were being INVADED!!


Ah the Cicada, it's those little things that remind you of home. Jared and I were talking about them the other day, cause it's one of those new things to him there in the midwest, along with the thunder storms, and the lightening bugs. The little things that you take for granted when you live in the midwest, and think the ocean is so cool, and then you miss terribly when you now live by the ocean. Grass is always greener...


My husband grew up in TX and I have little experience with them, except to say they are oohh soooo anoying. I was just sitting on my front yard yesterday thinking how nice the crickets sound. Cicada's are crickets on acid!!!


Jules is right, cicadas are evil, leaving their dry and crusty skin hanging from the trees, making more noise than the local teenagers. You are vacationing in kansas? Who is your travel agent? Ozzie Osborne? I am looking for a way out, that is so wrong!


i don't really feel like being funny right now. i'd just like for you to come home is all.

Gary Corker

The things you don't hear in the big city. We had cicadas in Arkansas, too. I miss the night sounds from my grandparents porch.

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