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Empress ________?

Sir Rockalot,

Thou hast guided this underling to a moment of great inspiration. I, too, am evoking the privilege of a self-proclaimed title. I shall choose "Empress." However, "Empress All-Around-Good-Gal" lacks the succinct message I wish to convey in my new offical designation. I suppose I could opt for "Empress Smart-A$$." Unfortunately, this might bring tremendous grief and shame upon the matriarch portion of the parental unit (Father would, of course, rejoice greatly in his triumph). Perhaps Thou couldst direct the wise men, counselors, jesters, scribes, and other merry men who accompany Thee to provide the necessary assistance.

"Empress Need-A-Little-Help-Here"

P.S. Love the picks.


(except for Margie, whom Justin evidently likes three times more than me.)

i would like to remind, however, who came up with "rockalot." it was ME i tell you. ME.


Need I remind all of you that Nanny nanny boo boo is my tag line? So when do I get mine? Picks...I am talking picks here people. Get your minds out.

Gary Corker

Okay! I am on mine knees imploring thee, your majesty. What must I do to champion two of these lovely picks for my fair maiden of a step daughter who loveth to play the guitar, for the Kingdom of God in Brazil?

Rich Kirkpatrick loud are these picks?


I must say, I am priviledged to have gotten one before Margie even...thank you Sir Rockalot!!


It's just so wonderful to see God's children displaying such unselfish and jealeous-free acts of love amungst one another.

"For thou shallt dote upon me, and give continual praise to mine holy picketh, which shall here from hence forth be known as: the pickrock (no, hark I say, that doth not have a sanctamonial ring to it), how about: the rockpick (ney, I say it doth smacketh of borishness). Then be it known from this henceth forthrightish momentus time, that is now, as: rock-n-pick, yesss, varely varely, I doth most definitly approve of this.
So be it, say I!"

-- Sir Rockalot

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