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August 2007

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lola that stage right?

also, this picture of spencer is amazing. the goofy one, i mean. especially when you look at it compared to yours. there's no question this is your child.


Your mom looks so proud....with good reason.


... it's no secret that the TV show just added the extra "d" for liability reasons. We all know who the real "Adams Family" is. I guess I just never realized how dead-on those lyrics are... ("it's those things that make you go hmmmm")



What a cool family! Looks like so much fun! Miss you Justin!


Finally I see YOUR side of the fam!
I see alot of YOU in your nephew?

Michael M

Your family totally rocks man!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you know what else rocks? The first time appearance of the new CHCC Vocal Worship Team this last Sunday. I'm really proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people who desire to worship God with all that is within them.

Gary Lynn Corker

So Justin Adams really does have a "normal" American family.


So is it now appropriate to say "Your mom rocks"?

The One Who Wears the Tie

My kids are missing their Hero! We love you too Bud! See you soon.


They all look so.....normal? Yes, normal! Is that a Texas longhorns thing?

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