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some people came to look at your house today and scared the poo out of me when they rang the doorbell. your doorbell is very frightening.

Crystal Renaud

oh my gosh. that is so great.

it is so great when kids are comfortable saying the true words of their anatomy. there is nothing i hate more than to hear little kids say, "wee-wee" and "pee-pee" - it is called a PENIS call it a PENIS.

that's all.



I don't have one myself ("I don't know how you guys walk around with those things"), but from the reactions I've seen, "He was injured...injured bad" seems like a tremendous understatement.


aauuuooowww... right in the babymaker, that's gonna leave a mark!

That kids got a great accent by the way, Australian? Na, probably Boston or Chicago.

very cute... in a "great-I'm-never-gonna-have-kids" kind of way!

Is there really anything more special and rewarding than cuddeling up with your kids and enjoying a "Blood Sport" and "American Kickboxer" double marathon? I think not.

And people say today's parents are irresponsible... silly monkey's. Just look at the glimmer in that boys eyes when he says: "You know what he did? He kicked him right in the penis."

I ask you... does it really get any better than this?


Came to look at your house? Are you moving to back to Kansas? I am so able to start that rumor if you need me too. Okay and it was so great to have seen you yesterday. Yup, it was.

Warren Fry

I $%^&*( he(*&^%$% and #$%^*^%& we @#$^^$ with @#(&*^% so $#$%^&*( with *&^%$ oh, never mind.


oh boy.

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