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August 2007

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yeah...i'd brag, too.

(in fact, i do sometimes. they're all just so dang beautiful!)


And you SHOULD!!!! For those of you who might not know the rest of Justins clan? They are even more amazing INSIDE!! I know, that cannot be possible!:) Blesssings abundant my friend!


Nice pix man... but I think you're missing the greater blessing here--your gifts as a photographer.

I'm serious, if this worship pastor thing doesn't work out for you, there's a solid gig waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator at Sears, as a family portrait photographer.

As brother the Steven Curtis Chapman says: "...whatever"



yeah, your family's pretty beautiful. you better watch out. those boys are gonna be after megan! i started class today. looks like i'm an official texan!


i was going to pass it up and let it slide, but since you mentioned bragging...HEY MARGIE! I HAVE FOUR PICKS! THAT'S RIGHT...FOUR!



Have you and MB decided yet which child(ren) you're going to leave in Kansas with me?

Gary Corker

You have a reason to brag.


I didn't see Harrison or MB with you on Sunday. What the? Anyway, please give them some love. Actualy, I don't even think that I have seen Harrison since he was born. So I think that you are great...Did you mail me your pick? Just don't forget. Okay then. I'll play you a song with it when I get it and post it on my site. I know that you will be waiting for that!




FOUR PICKS HUH? Crazy! Hmmm...I just got a case of them in the mail! :) (okay...obviously lying but I had no other win...he likes you more!) :)

Donna Post

He only lets her think that because she's so sensitive. Love and miss you Lola!


Absolute Angels from God, what a blessed man you are. Your children and your wife are beautiful and they are pretty lucky to have you to!!

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