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what?! seriously?


No, no, no!! No sickness allowed! You weren't sick when you were on vacation in Kansas. Do you need to come back? I'll make you some chicken soup.


eeeuuwww... nasty! How rude of you to blog while your sick. Don't you know that the internet is contageuos? Oh... wait, I think I may have misunderstood that... I'm retarded!!

Feel better brother, can't wait to see you again on thursday. I mean, you're no Loisa... but you'll do.


Sir Rockalot

Lesson #1 Mr. Lowendaction - Sucking up to her doesn't earn you points with me....and I carry the sword. ~:)>


(nice try, doesn't earn points with me either...and i'm not sure what he means about the sword exactly, but i would think about investing in a shield if i were you.)

Gary Corker

Melhores, meu irmão! Deus, te abençõe.


...once again, your grace has spoken words of wisdom that doth split the heart in twine (that's the pre-anglican gaelic mountain dialect for a number somewhere in between two and nine), m' Lord. Your humble subject willt now chastise thine own self in shame!

But... since we seek not to build our treasures in the hearts of man (or women... especially NOT women), but instead that of our Father in heaven, I'm afraid I know not what you speak of. I will pray for your affliction with these "points" you so fondly speak of, and hope that this torturous demon of arithmetic will flee from the thee with haste.

Again, I have been enriched by my fellow brothers and sister in ways that are beyond my own comprehension, and yet I know not how to repay such kindness in turn.

This will have to suffice...


You only get ONE sick day. Start posting.

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