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Crystal Renaud

yeah, you suck.

Crystal Renaud

ps. ok you don't suck. i am just jealous. but not jealous of that fact that they used COMIC SANS for their set list. eww.


Brat....with a capital B.


Well praise the Lord. These poor lost souls need to find Jesus as much as bad as anyone. Who better to have as a Godly influence. My hope is that they find Jesus and start making Christian music. I think that would be awesome.

Gary Corker

Aren't WE just a little proud of ourselves! rsrsrsrsrsrsr

Okay, I confess, I don't have the faintest idea who the Foo Fighters are. Not too popular here in Brazil.


Could your face get any wider with "I'm-a-nerdy-fan" excitement? Did you go all Chris Farely on him?-- "So, remember... that one time... uh, when, (gulp)... you where in that band...uh...Nirvana? That was Awesome!"

I'm definitly jealous, definitly! Huge Foo fan.

I guess your royal blood is finally paying off. Sir, you do indeed rock a whole lot. You're on your way man!


Young Skywalker

Yo Dawg! Very cool...very cool. I was just listening to some of my old Michael W. Smith albums from the early 80's and I realized how heavily influenced by his music the Foo Fighters were! ;)


J-Ro (Like J-Lo...but without the Lo)


hey...remember when we went and saw the foo fighters and you got to take a picture with Dave Grohl and I didn't because Tony Guerrero thinks he rules all things? yeah. what a jerk. still...that was quite a night.

Hick from the Sticks

Did anyone else....go to Zeke's Stop and Shop last night for the grand opening of his new indoor restroom? He got hisself a humdinger of a new toilet. You should see the flush action on that sucker. I'm headed back tonight and plan on takin' a couple of friends.

Sing it with me: "Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City....."

Judy Jetsetter

Did anyone to New York last night and eat at Ushiwaka Maru? The sushi was extraordinary! After that we caught a production of "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theatre. The entire evening was FABULOUS!! Just what a girl dreams of on her 30-too-many birthday.


In case you're wondering, I've finally decided to give MB's idea a try...and write a book. I'm just trying some story ideas out here on your blog.


Actually, that's a piece of fiction, too. There's no book, just a girl with too much time on her hands.


I met Matt Damon once at In-N-Out.


Lo told me about this and I hated you for a short time, then rice fell down my shirt and I was distracted.

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