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Yes, now you're talking....buffalo roam, deer and antelope play, encouraging words spoken...bring that family on back!!

Carol Evans

Beware!!! The heat here in Oklahoma is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Have a great visit with your family.



love you and cant wait to see you!!!


Hey Justin,

It's Dave from Forest Home (redhead, played horseshoes with you). Thank you for coming up to Forest Home and leading worship for Family Camp. It was great playing horseshoes and worshipping with you. You and MaryBeth are great. I hope you have a fantastic time in OK and KS. Take care.


*heavy sigh*


YESSSS!!!!!! I miss ya man! I had a blast when you were up here! So I was fumbling in my purse a couple of days ago looking for my keys and then all of a sudden (cue the sounds of angels singing) I came upon the "Justin Adams" guitar pix! Yeah that's right...ALL THREE OF THEM! Glad to see you are having a great vacation! Love you mucho! And thanks for the props and for the shout out to all my single bruthas! ha!


she got THREE?

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