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Question: Can you "melt" down your old pair and reshape them to fit my ears?


I just started using Shure E3s--a step up from the E2s I was using. I like them. The only thing that will make my world better is getting untethered. I am looking at buying Galaxy Anywhere Spot (do you think this is a good wireless option?). I would love to go with molded ears when I can afford. We use Aviom to mix monitor with.


Wow, amazing video!
What editing software did you use? After effects and Final cut?
Did the band use a click track to stay in sync with the video?
Blessings ~Dave

Pursuing Yahweh

I want dibs on the old ones to be melted and refitted for me! :) I suggest putting them on eBay and let the bidding begin. Did you get the ultimate ears model with the filter to allow a small amount of ambient noise in if desired? Hope to talk with you soon!

Bryan from Laurel, MD


OK. So I have been looking at the ultimate ears for a while now. I currently use a pair of shure E5's with the lame little yellow foamies. I love the sound of the E5's but hate the foam. So you might be able to sell me on the UE.


los, no one uses the foam anymore! how lame is that! okay, i use it too. the only thing i don't like about in ears is that you can't hear the crowd. Do you mix that in or do you prefer not to hear them?


We are in the process of getting quotes on sound for our new bldg. We are planning to purchase custom fitted in-ear monitors for the singers . . . can anyone comment regarding the usefulness of those for instrumentalists . . . We have a pretty large rotation of drummers, guitarists, etc. and would like to know: should we just get stage monitors for them, or is it best to go in-ear all the way around . . .

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