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Will we get to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth?


aaaahhh, the sounds of vacation.

love it...


man, how long have you lived in California and not seen these things? Don't forget to visit Ghiradelli square for a killer hot fudge sunday. If your not familiar with San Fran, buy a city map and ride the trolley around once, you'll get it. oh, and thanks for the in-ear advice.


Bayside....baaaysiiide...hmmm...OH YEAH...that's the church the Lord was calling you to, but you disobeyed...right?

I am so stoked you will be here! And stoked you get to have that much cool time with the family! How fun...good for you!


this has nothing to do with vacation, or your giving us a break from yourself (huh?).

This was on your boy Los's site, if you haven't check it yet...
brace yoself fool!!!

you gotta wonder who's playin' on who's team sometimes. As if the struggle wasn't hard enough.

one more for the road...

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