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August 2007

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Nanny Debbie

Having just spent three wonderful weeks in the love and care of the Adams family, the lack of communication is going to create some major withdrawal problems for me. :(

Have a great time! I trust you will find mamy moments of peace AND quiet.


We just got back from camp, and I missed you because you were there last year. Hope it is so great for you.


ok. i wish i could hear you and MB singing together with just the guitar. it makes my heart calm just thinking about it. i don't suppose you could record it at all? love you. miss you.


ok so I have a plan. you need to sing. or record or something. Friend of God I love that song and I could SOOOO see and hear you singing it. Camp was amazing worship was amazing...."could have been more amazing"-quoting from about a BILLION people. hehe. I wish you would ahve been there. a lot of people got saved as in like 15 in was unbefreakenlievable. seriously it was amazing. you will have to come next year. and when do I see you....? oh yes thats right in 6 DAYS!!! ahhhhhhhhhh. but then you leave:( but THEN you come back for a little while at least:)
<3333 you!!!


How cool for you? Just you and the fam and some cool people! Oh and when you do get back...uh hum...yeah well...lets just say...Theresa is really wanting to see her picture up here on this blog! :) ha!


love and miss you so very much!
cant wait to see you!!!!


So glad you all had an amazing vacation! Love the videos! Camp was amazing as Kristi and Kelsey said. Worship was awesome, it was like having a combo of you and Lingenfelter, but not.:)(Ill explain later) Andy Addis spoke, need I say more! Very emotional camp. Very life changing! I so look forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks!
Hugs to all!!

Crystal Renaud

hey friend. when you get a chance could you please change the linkage you have for me to


Nanny Debbie

I can't stand it ("cantstandjya")!
Come to Kansas, already!!


i second the summoning to kansas!!!


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