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TOTALLY COOL!! It's incredible how words you've heard so many times can take on new meaning with different visuals. You have a phenomenal team.


miss you bro! really!
I hope to see you! Bye!


Hey hermano. That video was sick. Could you do me a favor and change my link on your link list to point to
Thanks G




Just found your site through Pat C. or los, one of those two. I was at PDWC with Pat and crew from New Cov. Great Video!!!


Just my opinion, but I think this video and the secular music is totally inappropriate for an Easter service. I would have been offended had I been in attendance.

I also had mixed feelings watching the video with the U2 music being played in church. It was in church, wasn't it? I mean, ya'll, I go to church to get cleansed and get as far away from the rotten dirty secular world as possible.

Guess I'm getting to be an old foggie before my time. But I just think the mixing of the world's music and a church serice is cause for concern.

Sorry Justin, still love ya, truly mean it, Coast Hills wouldn't be the same without you now. Don't ever leave us... :-)


Ahhhh, who's your video guy? He's about the best I've ever seen.


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