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August 2007

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J-Ro (like J-Lo...without the lo and then a ro instead)

Nice Bikes and Jellys! Glad you're having a good time with the fam!


First a comment about the last commentor... what's up with the name J-Ro? That sounds like a bad asian joke... nice Jeff! You may not know this, but God loves asians just as much as He does J-Lo. Might wanna start brushin' up on that God knowledge buddy.

Sorry about that J-Dawg... there's just some things I can't let fly, you know?
Cool vacation pix & vids, looks and sounds like y'all (a little tast of home, sniff) are havin' a blast... good for you, good FOR you (ha! name THAT movie... no sersiously, I'm waiting.).

I do have to say though, it sounds like you're being a little jewy about the whole money thing... kidding, not really.

Hey keep on keepin' on. While the rest of us actually work for a living... much love!


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