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mmhmm. that's good. post about debra on my birthday. yep.


I miss you guys together.


**debra, i'm actually really excited you're here...and i want to see's just that bitter sarcasm goes over so well on these blogs**

Anne Jackson

i remember the last time we had dinner together....i camp....spaghetti perhaps? i just woke up, so maybe it was a dream...maybe i'm still asleep.....maybe....i need to get some coffee.


your awesome nieces have been talking about your exciting visit home in a few weeks. i hope i get to see you sometime while you're in town. please tell me you're bringing the whole crew. that would be so awesome. anyway, have fun with debra


Seriously, when will you be home? I would love to have coffee with you and MB. I will be back there for camp at the end of this month...maybe we can get together? I aint to proud to beg yo.


too. I also can't spell yo.


yeah cool!

I cant wait to see you and sing with you this weekend! We are gonna have a blast!!!!! Miss you tons!

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