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August 2007

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Carol Evans

Sounds like your family is having a fantastic time. It is neat to be able to keep up with all that is going on. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I know that you will. We love looking at and watching all the video. You have not changed a bit.HA HA


Okay...the kid is adorable!

Kin Folks

JB...You are the most awesome 9 year old in the whole world!

In fact you are our most favorite 9 year old grandson!! We can hardly wait to see you in a couple of weeks
in Kansas.Happy Birthday. We are proud of you, JB

Love and kisses,
Papa and Granny

Rich Kirkpatrick

COOL! My daughter asked me for almost three years and got her guitar on her 9th birthday. She is 12 now and leading worship in her youth group. It doesn't get much better than this!


i want to grow up to be like you, too. do i get a guitar?


Come on lol... who has that kind of patience... I mean honestly?

Hey JB, don't you pay any attention to that silly girl, she's what we call in the industry a "playa hata", she juss jaylusss, yafeelme?!?
So listen ma brotha, you just keep rockin' in the free world... and before ya know it: add one part soul patch, two parts fauxhawk, and a pinch of bootayliciousness, and you'll be juss like ya ol' man, ya digg?!?



Tell JB we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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