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August 2007

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Damn. That was good.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Love it!

Today we had a BBQ thing outside. I did enjoy the Star Spangled Banner ala JH...but no 50 foot screen!


Right on!


SWEET! I shall tell you the plethora of things I loved about it the next time I see you (WOO HOO)!!!


Hey..ohhh I like your video!!! its flippen sweet:-) yay!!! hehe. well I cant wait until you guys come out and visit. I hope you have a good fourth of july!!!

Love love LOVE you!!



Oh my gosh-we miss you SOOOO much!


that was awesome Justin. love it. hope to see you when you come out this summer!


That was awsome. Hi there from Sandals Church!

Amy Sill

Ummm...yeah it gave me goosebumps.


that was seriously awesome. and that screen. jealous.


Killer. Dang, we miss you Rockstar. You don't need a volunteer graphics guy over there do you?

And by the way, are those people sitting in their chairs??!?!

Crystal Renaud

dang. i miss you. dang. you're such a rock star. come back.


Holy Moses!!! Justin that is the greatest I've ever heard you...I totally have goosebumps, and I want a copy of this video!!!

JuJu Been

So is this the same guy who does all the videos or is there a team of people from Hollywood that volunteer there?

Yummy good!


I don't get it, maybe it is a California thing? Playing that song in church and everybody is happy? I don't get it.

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