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August 2007

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Gary Sutherland

It looks like great FUN
Can I come tooooooooooo??


Did you go down that curvy street? I think it is called Limbardy or something?

Steve Kennedy

Great video! I was in San Francisco over Memorial Day and took almost the exact same picture in Chinatown (

Hope to see you soon. Have fun on the rest of the vacation!


wow, looks like loads of fun! i can't believe how old all of your kiddos are getting!


i'm so glad you guys are having such a great time...answer to prayer.

but the honest truth is that this blog makes me a little bit homesick for you guys. maybe more than a little bit.


and also, i stinking LOVE that kid.


Wow! That is so great that you guys got to check out the most awesome city...have a blast in Monterey! Lucky!!!

kin folks

Hello from your Kansas kin..
Glad ya'll are having such a good time...Email me the pixs you've taken and I'll get them in the scrapbook before you get here. Kisses to everyone including the "nanny" We miss her too.

ps: I mailed JB's birthday gift today. Sorry for the delay


Okay that was FREAKIN awesome! I am so glad you guys are having a great time! Man you guys are lucky!


LOVE the break dancin! Hurry and get on over here to Kansas y'all!
I hate seeing video, im with Traci, it makes me miss ya even more!! Keep um comin though, I'll get over it!

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