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ya'll three kinds of crazy.... can I go next time?

Gary Corker



i'm a cookie. ( difficulties, huh? how convenient.)


NICE... cookie that is!!! no audio... maybe because you were screaming louder and higher than the girls? maybe?
Smart move brother... you don't need that kind of footage sneeking up on you, say on "TBN Behind the Music" or "E True O.C.". You got a reputation to protect... wait, wait, oh... nevermind.


carrie d



yes, this is true. Secretly I am jealous. There no point in lying.
The truth is, I have no life of my own, so I must vicariously live through Justin. It's pathetique, I know (quitely sobbing, mascara running freely--wait, no that can't be right...)

I will go now... in shame.


No freakin way! Did you have to change your shorts?


everyone is jealous of me. and i like it.

Jeff Rogers

Um..yeah...try jumping out of a freaking plane and then I'll be impressed!! LOL Just kidding...wait a minute!! No I'm not!! Do it! None of this silly hanging around on wires business..

Hugs / Kisses

J-Ro (like J-Lo without the Lo)


i'm game for the plane.

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