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August 2007

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Okay I have already told you like a million times how beautiful your babies are...but dang...Mary Beth is Hott! No really..She is...And I mean that in a NON-lesbo way.


lessee...that's about 8 thousand words right there.

and for the record, mary beth is hott, and i mean that in a completely lesbo way. wait...what? who said that? that person is still following me around.


Since we're on the subject, yes, Mary Beth is hot, and I mean that only in whatever way will not get me in trouble of any sort with anyone...especially Rockstar, because I'm fairly sure he could kick my butt.

The kiddies are darn cute too. With genes like that, how could you go wrong?

Happy Father's Day, bro.


Yup, still Hott.




Hey, cool site. Beautiful family!



Yeah, yeah, yeah....nice pictures of cute kids and hott wife...but the REALLY important thing is that I actually get to see all of your wonderful faces in person (and hug your necks til you can't breathe) in just a little over two weeks.


Are you coming home????? Whoops, I mean Kansas? What? What? Did I miss it? Dang it, I hate not being allowed to sit at the cool table.


Hey Uncle Justin!!! omg I miss you guys sooo much! I cant wait till you visit!! yay. I am helping with V.B.S. every day this week so I am so tired! I am also dancing a LOT now and I dance(perform)every weekend now b//c I am in performance troupe!! so yup thats what has been going on with me!!
<3333 you!!


So I am hunting you down next week. Remember you get me for free. :)


by the way, todd cooper has a crush on you. you know him from the mac store.


I have a crush on Todd Cooper.


So where did Justin go? Just up and left the blog world? Not a post in a while.

Tom Turley

Hey Justin and MB, Glad to see a picture of the good lookin Adams for a change....8)

When is the family coming south of the border again? hey we may be in Lake Forest in Nov, right before our 25th wedding anniversary. Check out our blog again Love you guys, Brazil Turleys

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