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August 2007

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He looks super tough. Where's your costume?


i've always been a batman-lover, but this batman is my new favorite. sarah stole-a-raincoat thinks he's pretty awesome, too.

Kin  Folks

I would like to kiss Batman's chubby cheeks....He is the best Batman ever!!!!!!

I love you Harrison...Love Granny


Wow... I never quite realized how handsome Batman is... and is that the Joker next to him, or Boy Wonder?

"Holy someone with a camera Batman, someone has a camera and is taking our picture."

Please tell the citizens of Gotham City (also known as Kansas)we are grateful they have shared him with us!


cant wait to see you! summer is so close!

hugs and kisses!


cool...but, obviously we see who the "sidekick" is in this picture!


Booba!! I stinking love this kid! Along with all your other kids!

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