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It's about time...

(Does that mean that Ken will now have to buy new shoes too?)

Kin  Folks

Could you send some of your old hand-me-down shoes to WFC for redistribution among the staff....I haven't seen a groovy pair of shoes on the platform for over two years.(Well, the exception is Troy...His shoes are fine) oh yeah, and then there was the Sunday Dave wore the red high tops for the "boxing" drama...they were really cool....but other than that,things have been pretty dull in the shoe department. Maybe when ya'll come this summer you could do a short seminar on the subject...Love ya,YFMiL

Matt L

Can you post some picks of the new shoes?

Warren Fry

Oh, were they on sale?

Gary Lynn Corker

This is a late comment, but if you see this, just a word of adivce. If you are ever in Brazil again, look for a shoe store that sells "Jota Pé". I promise you they are the most comfortable dress shoe you will ever wear. If I ever move back the the U.S. I´m going to import them!

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