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For the first and only time, Daniel and I watched 24 last night…and I still don’t get it. But I did like his messenger bag that he was toting around while he was killing everyone. Good accessories are essential.


Alright...I almost was enraged that you were going ot give the plot of the finale away. I still have it on my DVR to watch tonight or this afternoon (if I get to play hookie!).


Come on Justin...Time to update (on something interesting)....other then on 24!

Crystal Renaud

taylor hicks baby... taylor hicks


Kristi, I'm going to have to lay the blame of no new blogpost squarely at your feet. Demanding new information on the blog sets off the "she's not going to tell me what to do" alarm in many of us. Let's try a new approach; something like this:

Not me....I don't want something new on the blog. No new stories, no new pictures of darling children, no new tech tidbits, no new confessions of TV addictions. You just keep the same post for as looooooooong as you want. :)


the natives are restless.


Whatever...I am done checking!

Okay, who am I kidding?


you're all putty in his hands now. just putty in his hands...

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