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... and it's good to have you back, we missed you too! You are the raddest metro-man we have ever met! We hope you stay until your kids have kids.

You're the best,
Queen of small talk to the King of meetings

michael ziller

hey michael ziller here...just looking around. you look good and im glad you found a camera to follow you around and admire it most of the time. i will get back with you within the week i dont have much time to type nor alot to say over this. you look happy almost as much as i. learned a new trick- front flip round off handspring doublefull handspring handspring double full- if you dont know what that is ask around. lol. good to talk~ Ziller


Okay this is your first warning! I am going ot freakin come punch you in the face if you dont call or write me!

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